Any "Canned" Text Effects?

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Are there any "canned" text effects, such as text reveal or move in from left/right, or fade in/out or text drop away? Or do effects have to be manually created using techniques that can be seen in the "text reveal hitfilm express" YouTube tutorial? The tutorial for text reveal is given like a 2 on a 5 point scale for difficultly, but so far I can't get it working and it's a lot of steps and time-consuming. 

Very useful would be effects where you just set the text, color, size, etc. and it scrolls in or drops in, or any number of effects without the need to figure out how to animate it on your own.



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    Which tutorial are you referring to? The official FXHOME channel doesn't do "star ratings" for difficulty, and my own YouTube channel has playlists for over 40 tutorial channels, so there are a lot of text tutorials out there. There may be easier ways to do the specific look you want. 

    Otherwise, for Express, not so much. might have some existing templates, but, now that Javert works for FXHOME he's not had time to maintain the site, so there aren't really thumbnails or easy ways to browse. 

    Hitfilm PRO has a selection of over 30 Animation templates, but these are Pro-Only so far.

    There's at least one other site where a creator has some pre-built templates for sale. I'm a couple thousand miles away from my Hitfilm comp and don't remember the link. I bet @FilmSensei has it bookmarked! 

    Otherwise, yeah, you probably have to build your own. You should look at this tutorial. 

    At least once you "roll your own," you can save your own template for easy re-use.

    If you build a text animation requiring nested/embedded comp shots, save that as a project. Any/all Comp Shots in a Hitfilm Project can be imported into ANOTHER Hitfilm project via the Import Composite Shot option, shown in the linked video. 

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    Awesome this is very very helpful!! Thanks so much! :-)

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    Some "comp text" have the hitfilm logo, how can i remove it? Do I have to buy a package?

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    @filippomarini if the effect is adding the logo then it is an add-on only effect. If you click the green "add-on" button in the controls panel for that effect, you will be directed to the store for that pack.

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    installed templates - import or edit, i have the logo "hitfilm express"



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    Some of the preinstalled templates use effects that are add-on effects (usually neon path). You could try disabling these effects in the template if you like. If you desire, you could also purchase the necessary addon pack(s)

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