Added effects

NullUnit Posts: 791 Just Starting Out
So, did I miss an announcement or has there been one at all about when HitFilm will get the added effects from the plug-in pack? 


  • CalebK
    CalebK Posts: 435
    I just bought 2 ultimate.... I hope the upgrade price isn't too bad.... Mabye they'll be like apple (now that it's on Mac) and do free updates...
  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,585 Ambassador
    Hitfilm 2 has already had several free updates, although the most notable was the November update that added Anamorphic Flares and Cinestyle.

    I expect all "Hitfilm 2.x"updates to remain free and Hitfilm 3 to have a reduced-price upgrade path.
  • CalebK
    CalebK Posts: 435
    That's right I forgot about that... I bought it right before that one came out, and I was still figuring out the software and using new effects so it didn't feel too much like an update... Thanks hitfilm team for the flares!