Boris FX Title Studio crashed, won't open anymore and freezes hitfilm

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I was using title studio for the type on text function, when I hit "cancel", then yes to "save to project folder"

It crashed, so I had hard exit hitfilm using the task manager.

Since then, the Title studio UI refuses to open, and any time I try to use it, it freezes hitfilm.

I've cleared out the local cache, attempted to repair hitfilm with the installer, re-installed hitfilm entirely, nothing appearing to have worked.

Strangely, the FX browser and Preferences tabs work fine, as does every other BCC effect.

Does anyone know if it's possible to fix this?

Thank you in advanced!


  • NormanPCN
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    This one sounds like you are best off contacting support.

  • TaoOat
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    Ticket made, and we were able to solve the problem.

    Not 100% sure why, but something about the workstation wouldn't load completely. However, the window was still there in the background, so we needed to pull it out

    After right clicking on the task bar, and choosing "Cascade windows", the window for Boris Title studios appeared. It was completely blank, but it could be accessed 

    From there, I could click the menu bar. In "Windows -> Workspace", there was a "reset to default". Clicking that brought everything back to normal. (I hit "Apply" to close the application, Just in case)

    Now I can continue my quest of staring at the software wondering how to make letters move along a path! Yaaaaay! :D

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