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I'm getting to know HitFilm now I have pro so I followed the recent Camera Tracker tutorial to track a bit of footage to see if I could make it work. My points seem to slide. If you have 45 seconds to watch a video of the problem and help, it would be very much appreciated.



  • DreamArchitectDreamArchitect Website User Posts: 593 Enthusiast

    @Triem23 is often a good bet for this kind of issue.

    I guess it's to do with he track point in question going out of shot so there are no more keyframes to affect the hitfilm point you added. The result seems to be that the point then just stays put where the last keyframe was and so the fire appears to slide. Whats actually happening is the point it's parented too just doesn't move anymore.     

    Maybe try making your fire a 3d layer? as it stays 2d and you have pasted attirbutes from a 3d point

  • CosmicOutpostCosmicOutpost Website User Posts: 5

    Thanks @triem23 I've tried a new point that stays in shot then made the fire, as suggested a 3D layer and then copied the tracking point position to the fire but it still slides. 

  • AxelWilkinsonAxelWilkinson Staff Administrator Posts: 5,224 Staff

    Two things. First, and most importantly, your fire layer is still 2D, and thus it cannot contain the Z axis data, which is what controls movement toward the camera. You need to convert the layer to 3D to position it in the 3D scene created by the tracking.

    Second, rather than copy/pasting, just parent the fire layer to the point, then reset the transform data for the fire layer to move it to the points's position.

  • CosmicOutpostCosmicOutpost Website User Posts: 5

    Thanks @AxelWilkinson I've managed to lock a plane to a point and it stayed there as the camera passed over it. The plane slid a bit however I think this was the paralax of the camera and the height of the plane above the 'ground'. I'll have to have a play to get used to the 3D space and how to rest something on the floor.

    BTW - Really appreciate your tutorials and I can't believe THE Axel Wilkinson answered my question!  (No doubt there will be more as I make my first sci-fi short with Hitfilm...)

  • HobbesvfxHobbesvfx Website User Posts: 47 Just Starting Out

    One reason for sliding is that the Solve-Overall-Error is too high. It should be about 1 or less (0.7 is perfect).

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