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Hi @filmsensi @graymotion @tddavis @triem23

I decided to start a new thread vs adding to the Millenium Falcon thread.  In reaching the next level of learning after completing my project, I decided to import the C4D Millenium Falcon model that was fully rigged and it looks great once I set it up.  @graymotion , you first touched on this early in my Falcon thread.

Well, for the benefit of everyone here, I was wondering if you could provide some guidance as before on how to incorporate it into a scene and then create a position point for camera tracking on this element 3d model.. 

Once we have the Element 3d model imported, Do we add it to a new plane? Then, if yes, unlike previous tutorials, there is no transform property to the model that i can find to do the model camera track.  

The model in question is in the beginning of the Millenium Falcon thread if anyone wants to look at it.  I like the way this is looking so far, just need guidance since Element 3d import is different from what I have seen so far.


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    @LIFE_LEADERSHIP You mentioned playing with the Element3D plugin and the C4D model in the other thread.  Do you mean you used the plugin to import the model?  Or just that Element3D supplied the model in C4D fbx format?  I ask because I am only familiar with using ORB to make planets and I don't want to miss out :) on something else it can do.

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    If you're planning on animation in Element 3D, I'll have to defer to Greg and Jay. I've never used Element 3D before. While I appreciate it's being (mostly) supported in Hitfilm, and appreciate it's superior controls for setting up materials (especially the material browser), I CAN say it renders a 2D image to a plane.

    Until/unless I play with it (I assume there's a demo - plus, I am literally morally opposed to installing Adobe software on my systems), I kinda suspect it's a bit of extra jumping through hoops to do something Hitfilm already does. I'll rely on testimony from others for relative performance and output quality.

    Of course the ultimate for 3D performance in Hitfilm it's knuckling down and learning Blender to take advantage of Frank's custom "Filmer" build. 

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    @Triem23 Oh, I agree wholeheartedly about learning Filmer.  I dont have Element3D myself either but I did install the free plug-ins ORB and Saber that Hitfilm can take advantage of now.  Just don't want to suffer FOMO :) if they do more than I thought.  Unrelated, but did figure out how to use Josh's export script to get a simple Celtic ring from Blender to Hitfilm with a Turntable camera. Yay me!

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    I used the fully rigged MF model that was created in C4D and was able to import it into Hitfilm.  It works just like AE and looks great but once I import it in, Yes, I am able to open up the properties and adjust everything.  However, once imported, it does not populate like a regular model would in HF and therefore by using previous tutorials, I don't quite know how to set it up to do the flyby and set up a position point.   I agree with you both but after the whole debacle with the model i used before that gave me grief, I was looking for a better way.  @graymotion was one of the original ones who commented that he used Element 3d with that specific model which was rendered in C4D and said it was great.  I would just like to see and know how to set the model up to use in a similar scene as the project I just worked on.  I guess my problems would be solved If i would of found ( or paid for) a full riggable MF with the engine lights already there.. The initial thread I started last month went crazy all because the 3d model i had wasn't bad but it wasn't the best.  For what it's worth Element 3d does work well inside of hitfilm, its just my lack of understanding how to set things up once its in the comp... Its hard to describe but again, it does not work the same way as if you just import an Obj Model or Fbx model.. Im probably missing something though, another learning curve.

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    @LIFE_LEADERSHIP Ok, thanks for that update.  I know GrayMotion has the full blown Element program and not just plug-ins so I can put my FOMO aside. :)  I played with that C4D model at the start of your thread and saw that it had a lot of animation groups that transferred to Hitfilm.

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     This is off topic but with the talk about C4D files I drop this and shut up.

    When Hitfilm gets version 12.5 of Boris Title Studio, one can load C4D files directly into that. Hitfilm currently has 12.0. 13 is the retail paid current version.

    One normally does not think of TS and 3D models but it does import them. OBJ and 3DS. They show a file extension in the model import dialog for c4d but online info lists full C4D at 12.5.

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    Wow!  I had no idea Title Studio could import even OBJ and 3DS.  Interesting and worth checking into TS.  I've never used that feature.

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    First - It sounds like you are able to run Element on your PC in Hitfilm? Congrats on that! The Scene Editor will open for me but if I save the file, close and re-open Elements scene editor will not reopen. Works fine on the Mac though.

    You said - "incorporate it into a scene and then create a position point for camera tracking on this element 3d model."

    Right now Element will not create a NULL point inside of Hitfilm. Real bummer. What I did to get around this was to create a 3D point and then try and match the move of the model. Basically a Camera focus point. To animate the model you have to use the properties of the Group motion (X, Y and Z). All of this is not ideal but I believe FXHome is working on this but hard to tell when or if they can get it working. Only time will tell.

    Model material: You will have to manual link all materials. Once you get the materials linked up you can increase the engine glow by going to Illumination and crank it up to the desired look you are after.

    I'm trying to wrap up a fiber project by this Friday. If I get that accomplished I'll carve out some time this weekend and make a short video showing the process I used. Best I can do at the moment. Apologies for that.

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    Hey, that's awesome. I am no longer under the gun to complete a project so I'm not in a hurry. I appreciate it as always ?

    By the way, when I imported the rigged mf from c4d, I easily added the textures and was able to retract the landing gear for flight.  It essentially works the same way in After Effects with element 3d.. Bummer that it's limited in Hitfilm..

    In the end it's going to just be easier to find a model that's fully riggable that I can buy or find... I'm not quite done with the Millennium Falcon for future projects so now it's a matter of finding an easier better to way to do more complex scenes... 

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    Hi, just wondering if you had a chance to look at the above further. I know you are busy so just just wondering.. 

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    I take it you just need to know how to animate the model? Sounds like you have it rigged and textures are in place. Correct?

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    I went ahead and picked one for you. Ship movement/animation. Time is crunched next few days. :-)


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     Hey Ben... did I miss the mark?

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    Hey, that's great.  I appreciate it.   Now, the question is, how would you do a fly by, assuming you cant set up a position point that camera follows as in our previous tutorials with a standard model, not using Element 3d.  

    I believe it was said that this is not possible with Element 3d currently... ?


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    A fly-by:

    You will have to create your camera pan fly-by by hand. In my first example I gave you I used the 3D point that the model was attached to and then I matched the speed and the distance of the element 3D model to match that path. It's a bit harder but very doable. You could also setup your Element models animation and then animate the camera to closely follow that path. It won't be exact (which gives the camera move a more dynamic look btw) but again...very do-able. 

    For practice take my original file and hide the Hitfilm model and then animate the Element model using Position X, Y and Z using E3Ds  particle replicator settings to closely match the existing fly-by.


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     Im very surprised to see not a extra ui window in Hitfilm using E3d.  In Ae vidoes I have seen a extra ui window 

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    @Andersen01498 I assume you are talking about the Scene Setup UI? While Element seems to be working properly on the Mac (baring 3D Nulls and DoF do not work) the UI will not display on the PC version of Hitfilm Pro. E3D appears to launch but the UI is not displayed. FXHome seems to be aware of this and I assume they are working on it. I can get the Scene Setup UI to display on the PC rarely but in no way is it consistent.

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