"Airforce One Down" My first Project on Hitfilm

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Hello together, wanted to show you my first project "Airforce One Down" I made with Hitfilm.
After 4 month I have finally finished this project and I have learned a lot in this time. Thanks to all this people who answerd my questions and helped me with it. Great Forum here.
Other programs I used for this project was Blender and Ableton Live for the audio mixing. The 3D Elements Audio and other elements are from Video Copilot.
Hope you like it and I would be happy about comments and insperations.

THX for watching.


  • Triem23
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    Looks good! Excellent choices of camera angle, good storytelling, nice sense of depth with your clouds, and I think your explosion tracks convincingly (I remember when you were asking about that.)
    Only two criticisms: First--from the lighting and the choice of sky colors you used, this is set during the day. The blinking red lights of Air Force 1 seem a little bright to me. Too much specular highlights from the red lights. (for night, what you have would be perfect.).
    Second, maybe it's just me, but the first bit of the explosion (before it gets smoky) has an edge that seems a touch too sharp and crisp for me.
    Minor things. You should be very proud of this project. :-)
  • Multimediaex
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    Thx Triem for your answer. Yes we talked about some points before. For example the explosion. The point at the edge is where the layer comes from 2d to 3d through the rotoscope I think I have made something wrong with this. Later I tried different things to make it look better, but nothing I made was looking good for me. The problem is I don't have the knowledge about the cpabilities whats possible. I hope this comes later.
    Another Problem is I'm learning more and more about Hitfilm, Compositing and other Software you can use for your projects. So you can find more and more things you can make better and so it comes to a never ending story. For example I discovered Davinci Resolve at the end of the project and tried different things with it but the result doesn't look Good for me. So it needs time you need for this program to learn an I wanted to come to the end for this project.
    The redlight you are talking about is one thing I was thinking too if it is not too much. There are in each case two lights at the top and the bottom to make it stronger.
    The points you're talking about I'll looking for this in my nett project to make it better. Thx for comment.
  • KirstieT
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    Wow - nice :) I think the explosion at the end is very - sturdy (good word? I'll use it anyway). It feels heavy - most likely because of the well-timed audio as well - as if Air Force 1 really has been hit with something solid. 
    Those are some huge missiles! One small thing I really liked was the reflection on the plane when releasing the missiles - the very short and almost unnoticeable flash of light on the underside of the plane. Great little touch to make it more believable.
    The only thing perspective wise which confused me is when the plane is being hunted. The previous scene seems to suggest to me that the plane with the missiles is BELOW Air Force 1, but when you go to the next scene where the missile is locking on, it is coming from ABOVE Air Force 1. Just a little thing. 
    Like Triem said, you should be very proud of this - a great scene :)
  • Triem23
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    To clarify my earlier comment about the explosion edge--I wasn't referring to the roto where the plane meets the fireball--that actually was very solid--but where the fireball meets the sky. Could just be my eyes playing tricks on me, however.
    To address Win's and Kristie's comments: I agree with him the effects work is solid. I said that, already. ;-) I actually didn't notice what Kristie said about the drone being lower in one shot, than higher. Maybe the low camera angle on the drone shot made it seem like it was climbing to my eye?
    The pacing and fades to black actually worked for me--and I usually hate constant fades. However, to me it felt like some time-compressing... Like the drone was patrolling, waiting for Air Force One to pass within strike range (especially since I wouldn't expect a small, prop-driven drone to overtake a large jet--this is an ambush/pounce attack) to me it built tension, like a pre-credits build-up to an action movie. But pacing and timing is largely subjective, and that just means Win and I have different aesthetics. It's all good.
    I've watched this at least ten times, so you certainly did something right.
  • KirstieT
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    Seconded, I watched this multiple times! :)
  • StormyKnight
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    Yup! Great vid! I too watched it several times and agree with what's already been said.
    As to the edges of the explosion- don't know if this would work or look any better if it did- have you tried a blur effect set to affect only the edges? I think it looks fine just the way it is. I look forward to more stuff in the future. :) 
  • SimonKJones
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    I'd tone down the Shake considerably, as it's distracting and doesn't feel realistic currently. The wobble is distracting and actually detracts from the quality of the VFX.
    Agree with others that the VFX in general are decent but that the edit could do with tightening up - if you want it to be a legitimate mini-action sequence, the whole thing needs to be snappier and more dynamic.
  • Multimediaex
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    First thx to all comments.
    @ KirstieT
    You´re right, thats something I didn´t sense. This scene where the missile is locking on was orginally longer. I needed to cut it because it was too long. In the original you can see how the plane comes from above.
    I think it´s how Trie23 said. Everybody has different aesthetics. One of two likes the other not.
    I thougt even the shake makes it more realistic. I don´t know if you have noticed that there is a distortion of the plane at the moment at the explosion. Because thats what makes it unreal. I don´t know.
    I´m with you that the edit could be more tighten. But this is something I noticed first after everything was ready.
    If I remember I tried different things (no blur effect) and all this wasn´t that what I wanted. How I said I think it was a problem with the rotoscope at the beginning.
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