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I have just purchased the starter edition, which I´m going to use for making videos from our different trips around the world. I have a lot of footage in different formats, and I am not going to make a new version of Star Wars or Gun Smoke (if someone remember the last one). I have been playing around with Premiere Pro and Encore, but old versions and not very much, but I was using menus and titles to make my videos look a bit more professional.

My question is: What plugins would you recommend me to purchase, or do you think the Starter Edition is OK for me?

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    @UlfH One of the nice things about Express is that it allows you to test out various add-on effects without needing to buy them first. If you find an effect you want, you can buy it at any time. There’s honestly no “one size fits all” add-on packs, and none that I can think of that are specific to travel videos... unless you plan on doing 360° video?

     As a side note, check out Aidin Robbins on YouTube. He does travel videos and tutorials, and every video he did prior to 2019 was done in HitFilm. There’s a ton to learn from him (though don’t forget to bring your own personality into your videos).

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