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I wanted to open a small movie in .mov format. If I go to "open", I can't find the .mov format. How can I open or import this file?

Thank you for replay!


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    @FXhomer139344 Do you mean " go to open " in HitFilm?    Actually you "import" the footage into the HF media bin.  HF has the built in codec to playback Quicktime .mov files.   However .mov can be just a container for other codecs that may not be supported by HF.

    Install MediaInfo   then right click on your .mov file and please post the Tree report.  That will tell you what what the underlying codec might be.

    If you are trying to open the .mov file directly from your computer and not HF (and if it is Quicktime) then you may need to install Quicktime on your system.  However Quicktime is deprecated in Windows due to security flaws so be careful on where you get it from.  I would recommend downloading a video player called VLC which should be able to play the .mov file outside of HF.

    Again more information from MediaInfo would be helpful.

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    The "Open" command in HitFilm works exclusively with project files. You "Open" a project, then "Import" video files into it.

    So start by either creating a new project, or opening an existing project, then use the Import button in the Media panel to import your video files, and you should be good to go.

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