Rounded corners on video

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I'm new to Hitfilm Express and have searched everywhere for this but cant find a good solution.

So i want to do a screen replacement, and in this case the screen which i will be putting another video on top has rounded bezels(corners) so i need to round the corners of the inserted video that is going to replace what is shown on the screen. Also just to point out in the original footage the screen is showing a video, so its not a blank screen that i want to replace.  Im using HitFilm Express. 

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance.


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    @KubilayOrman In the Media Panel, right-click your overlay media and click "Make composite shot." Hit OK on the pop-up box. Create a smaller rectangular mask in the middle of the frame, then open the mask's expansion properties. Expand the mask out till you get the right curvature (it's extremely helpful to get a stock photo of the front of your display to use as a reference you can match) Once the curve is correct, use the selection tool to pull the edges of the mask to the edges of your footage. Now you can drop a quad warp on your footage and adjust it like any screen replacement.

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