Please support my short film entry :)

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Help a Hitfilm-produced video win a contest!

Please help me to get through to the next round of a film-making competition by viewing, and most importantly liking and/or commenting on my submission on Youtube!

The video was edited entirely in Hitfilm Pro, and there is a small snippet of tracking in the application, in the behind-the-scenes section.

Many thanks in advance for your support!


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    Hi if the competition needs views on YouTube the forum is not a good way to generate, the video views here don't clock up on YouTube. Best change the link to your channel maybe

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    Thanks for the tip. I didn't realise the forum would auto embed the video, and I don't have the ability to edit it :(

    Channel link -

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    @Batvink Watched and left a like and comment.  You should be able to edit any of your posts by clicking on the gear icon to the right of the post.  The gear icon in the header lets you edit the title and the very first post of a thread you started.

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    Liked the song and nice video.  It all moves around nicely and the camera control is great.
    If I can suggest one thing : There are a few too many shots where we see the musicians mid-rift without either their face or instrument in shot. Also there is an extended shot of the bass player hiding the drummer with his headstock at 2:52 which looked a little odd.

    Little things that I probably wouldn't notice normally plus I have never done this sort of thing but I guess you a lot is done on the fly.

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    Thanks all.

    @tddavis I found the gear button at last to edit my post. It's very...hidden!

    @DafterThings thanks for the observations. One of the limitations I had was finding footage that matched the music precisely. One camera meant filming the song six times, only one of which matches the sound track perfectly. So some of the shots are a compromise. Hopefully we can learn and improve next time!

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