Import MOV 10 bit 150M into Hitfilm?

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MOV 8 bit imports fine, 10 bit doesn't. Shot with a GH5, i didn't know this before i recorded the footage. Can it be imported? Express or Pro. 


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    Hitfilm Pro 14.1 should handle it. Express 14 not out yet so we have no idea baout that.

    Screenshot taken from Hitfilm Pro product page. Update History.

    That said, you are likely not to like the edit performance. Hardware decoders do not support 10-bit AVC media. Therefore you are stuck with software decode. If your 150M is intended to mean 150 Mbps bitrate for the AVC media then I can almost guarantee poor edit performance at that high a bitrate with typical AVC media.

    You will probably want to transcode to Cineform or Prores media for edit.

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    Thank you, I do not intend to save as 150 Mbps. My intention is to use the files for 1080p projects. But I thought, while using the GH5 for the first time, let's use the higher bitrate MOV. How do I transcode MOV to Cineform? I do not understand the google search results. 

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    First, use the source media directly in a test. See how your machine handles it. I have a pretty quick machine. 4.8Ghz 9900K 8C/16T, GTX 1080. I have some GH5 test samples but no 150Mbps 10-bit. I have an 8-bit 4:2:0 1080p60 150Mbps but the hardware decoder kicks in for that. I also have some 400Mbps 10-bit 422 4K samples.

    Obvious test setups for smooth playback would be

    1. Single file on the timeline.
    2. Two files on the NLE timeline with a transition like a dissolve.
    3. Then multi file compositing if you intend to do such. How many files would you expect to simultaneously display.

    As for transcoding. Since Hitfilm can read your GH5 media you can use Hitfilm to transcode to Cineform 422. For 150Mbps source media I would choose the High setting.

    Beyond that you can use VirtualDub 2. Here is the virtualDub forum thread. Apparently someone at FxHome closed the thread for some reason. Sadly, I notice some broken image links ( in my last post to that thread and I cannot edit/fix them.

    I would transcode to the MOV container in Hitfilm or VirtualDub. It's generally better than the archaic AVI format.