One year on YouTube - What I've Learned as a Filmmaker

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I've been on YouTube for over a year!In this video I show how far I've came in a year and what I've learned to best grow my YouTube channel... I would love to know what your thoughts are, and what else I can improve on for the next year. 2020 is finally here, Happy New Year! 


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    Just keep improving and sharing what you enjoy.

    YT is a fickle playmate. If you're looking to grow your channel you have to appeal to the masses and have something 'special' in an over-saturated market or  something unique which gains an audience in a niche market or do what you enjoy and see what happens. I suspect it takes a LOT longer to grow an audience with original content.

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    @DafterThings I know it feels like it's soo hard to create and grow on the plat form, I have recently been trying post post regularly and it seems to be helping! I have also seen some of your content, it's pretty cool! Thanks for the reply. 

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    Yeah. That's true. Posting (quality) content regularly is something that the YT gurus say really helps.
    Not good for somebody like myself (but we all choose our area) but, perhaps, something which is doable for a film-making channel. 

    Best of luck for whatever direction you choose to take in 2020.

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    @DafterThings Thank you! You too with yours...

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    @RyanRaake Sometimes it all comes down to posting the right video for the cultural zeitgeist.  I've never been about building a channel, I only post my projects and family stuff (unlisted) as a way for the daughters away from local to be able to have access easily really, and sometimes I'll post links to pertinent videos here.  But I have to say, I posted a rig test of a Baby Yoda model someone else did and I was testing out giving me the idea for my Christmas shout out video.  The rig test blew up!  I started getting tons of hits.  I figured people were searching for that term and it was coming up, but I put it in the title of my Christmas video too and so far it's not taking off.  Go figure...  Hang in there though.  I've been posting infrequently for a few years now and just had these results, so it takes time.

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    Keep up the good work!

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