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How do I expand the Canvas to a larger drawing area? Ideally I want to detach the panel (as you would in Hitfilm) and fill my drawing tablet to get the best possible resolution. At the moment, I seem to be only able to fill about a horizontally elongated sixth of the screen. To achieve this, you have to put the app on the right hand screen of a dual screen setup so that you can "pull" the canvas panel beyond the app boundaries, and it kind of stretches a bit further on a elastic-band-like system.

The canvas really needs to be made bigger to be useful.

I've also found all kinds of other weird interface behaviours.

When the canvas is at it's fullest, it's almost impossible to find the left edge with your mouse to resize it again. You inevitably end up accidentally starting a new recording.

Changing the timeline tool to cut or stretch doesn't change the cursor.

Cutting is very hit and miss. You can't cut at the playhead, you have to hope you have placed the cursor correctly. There is no zoom function on the timeline to allow for greater accuracy.

Similarly with stretching, there is no feedback to let you know you are about to stretch, many times you move the clip. There is no indication of how far you have stretched the clip, and no time markers on the timeline to judge it by.

Will Action Pro be getting some kind of alignment with the quality we get in Hitfilm? I'm struggling to get anything useful out of this app in the current state.

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