Export layers?

Can IMerge pro export layers with alpha maintained?    (or better still export all layers to PSD)

I've tried to use the batch export, but I can't see a way to export individual layers.  

I am not using content variation.


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    Imerge Pro can export alpha channels in supported formats. Make sure you're not using a background layer, and export as PNG.

    PSD is a proprietary format to Adobe, but a TIFF might maintain the layers, although I doubt it. You can try and see what results you get.

    Batch processing should be pretty straight forward, as you can export layers made up of multiple images as well.

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    @CNK,  Sorry I might not of been clear with my question.    I want to export specific layers in a file. (not the entire collapsed image with alpha transparency)   Similar to Photoshop's "Export Contents..." option when you right select a layer, it will export just that layer (with alpha)

    The reason I was interested in this was so that I can export just the chroma keyed layer with the light wrap applied and color corrected for the below layer, but I only require that one layer not the background layer, so I can import into Photoshop...

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    Not a problem, I'm not English native so its my fault.

    If you only want to export single layers, then hide the other layers that you dont want before exporting. 

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    @JasonFinch this is something we hope to add to the software in the future.

    Unfortunately currently there is no way to get the light wrap to work properly as when you hide the layers underneath, the light wrap will not have anything to work with.

    However for the color matching, you could hide the foreground layer (to show the background that you don't want) and export the background as a png. Then show just the foreground and add the Color Match Background effect. Select Match image and use the file picker to select the background you just exported. This will color match to the exported image. I appreciate this isn't a great workflow, and is something we hope to improve.