[SOLVED] Can't get free license for Ignite Express?

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I am such an idiot.  I mainly needed the demult filter for After Effects, and I knew it was in the free "Express" version of Impact.  yesterday, I *just* gave away my keys for HitFilm Pro, Impact Pro, and Action Pro to someone just getting started.  Now, when I went to add "Impact Express" to my newer PC, I click the "Get Free License option after install, and it just keeps sending me to the HitFilm Express download page.  I would go through the process of downloading HitFilm Express, again, thinking that just may be the process of getting the free license for the "Express" version of Impact.  Maybe I should have just saved those keys for HitFilm pro and Impact Pro for myself, but I was trying to help someone out.

Can Anyone Tell me what I am doing wrong when trying to get the free "Express" license for Impact?  I Deactivated all my old license for HitFilm installs, thinking it may share the same license key as HitFilm, but that didn't help.


  • An yes...  I see the numerous typos... NOW!  Of course, I completely missed them when proofreading BEFORE I posted it!

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    Ignite Express is as discontinued product which is has not been available for some time. Therefore, there are two options:

    If your main criteria is price, HitFilm Express is our free product, and it does include the Demult effect. But it is a standalone application. http://fxhome.com/hitfilm-express

    If having the tool as a plugin for AE is more important than price, then Ignite Pro is our plugin collection, which supports After Effects and includes Demult: http://fxhome.com/ignite-pro

  • I think my big facepalm right now is that I had everything installed on my old PC, but I had not set everything up on my new PC.  I knew I could get demult for After Effects, for free... or could.   I also had licenses for HitFilm Pro, Impact Pro, and Actio Pro.  As I was setting up my graphics apps on my new PC, I came across my licenses from a month or so ago, and I knew a lady trying to get started, as I was about a year ago.  I offered the three licenses to her.  I was fortunate to get the licenses through Humble Bundle, because I cannot afford the full license price.  So, my issue is that I just gave away something expensive that I thought I didn't need.  Then, I find out that I do need it, since the Express edition no longer exists that includes that filter, and I can't live with watermarks over everything.

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