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Hey Guys
It's me again :D. I have HitFilm and i really like it. But yesterday I wanted to split a long video of mine in to 3 parts. In premiere pro I just created a new project and copied a part of the whole video in it. But I don't know how to do it in HitFilm. I hope you can help me.
PS: If my english is bad, excuse me pls xD I'm actually german speaking :D


  • rgbii
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    Once you've imported your video into hitfilm, click on it in the media panel. At the top of the media panel is the trimmer. You can adjust the start and end point of the clip. Once you've adjust it as you want, you can drag it from the trimmer to your timeline. Repeat as needed.
  • TempusLP
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    I don't mean that. I have a timeline with Videos and I want to split the Video-Timeline every 15minutes. Then I got 3 Parts. And I want to render each part alone and not all at once in one timeline. Its a little bit tricky for me to explain that in english ^^
    Heres a pic of the project
  • AxelWilkinson
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    Use the In and Out points on your timeline to define the section you want to render.  Then, in the Export screen, make sure you select Work Area for the Export Area.
    Pressing "I" will set the in point to the current location of the playhead.  Pressing "O" will set the out point to the current location of the playhead.
  • TempusLP
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    Yeah finally an answer i can work with ;D Thanks