[ANSWERED] Using plate carrée/Equirectangular projections

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I have found some highly detailed star maps on the NASA website in plate carrée projections.  This is the style like a world map that is flattened makeing the Greenland and Antartica look really big.  Any suggestions on how to apply this to a sphere as image?


MOD EDIT: plate carrée is the French term for "Equirectangular."


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    Yeah, just use the star map and apply either the Sphere or 360 Video Viewer effect. The only thing you need to know is the aspect ratio of the source image (hint, it's probably 2:1). Set the Scale ratio to the Aspect Ratio of the Source image (hint: it's probably 2).

    Both effects are specifically designed to wrap Equirectangular images onto spherical shapes. 


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    I am further interested in this, @dancerchris.

    Can you send any links to me?

    I'm trying to find a way to import actual position data from real space telescopes (GAIA) and create a point for each, probably limited to a couple of hundred items.

    #Triem23 - great answer an I appreciate it!

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