How to play video in hitfilm while you do other things

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whenever your playing a video in hitfilm, and do anything else, it will pause the playback. but why?

 it would be SUPER useful to be able to listen to a long video for the good parts, while i do something else, but I can't since hitfilm always pauses!! is there a setting i could change so it can just keep playing even if the program is minimized?


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    I believe the official answer is that doing anything else during playback can introduce software instability or rendering errors... it’s some sort of protection system.

    Whether or not that’s actually the case is up for debate. I think at one point, the developers were interested in changing this function, but it may not be as simple as one might think... they’d have to write new code to figure out other ways of locking down problematic parts of the software during playback... including finding the things that do cause issues to be able to lock them down.... when the software was first developed, it was probably far easier to lock everything down during playback.

     Long story short, it will probably happen eventually, but for now, if you want to do something else, during playback, just do it on another device.