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I would like to make screen pumps in time with the music but doing this manually takes too long. Is it possible to automatically sync effects such as blur or shake to audio using any of Hitfilm's audio visualisation (i.e Atomic particles, audio waveform, audio spectrum)?


  • Triem23
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     Atomic Particles is the only effect that might automate some of what you want to do. 

    Atomic Particles can use audio to modulate the size, position, brightness or transparency of the particles. So, for example, a Shake might be doable. 

    The blur could be faked... It would require two layers, on blurred, one not. Blurred layer on top. Add Atomic Particles then use audio to drive transparency, which will "pulse" the blurred layer in and out. You can do a lot more with Atomic than most think if you approach it correctly.

    There's another user who hasn't figured out yet he can do with Atomic the thing he wants to do with Atomic that he thinks he can't do with Atomic. I'm off to educate him! ?

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    You can use BCC plugins: DVE basic

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