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Hi, I have HitFilm Pro and a 3D model of an spaceship and I need it Burn down and then explode but I still don’t know exactly how I should do that. Does it work well using  the shatter effect? And what’s the best way to burn it down in HitFilm withoutstockfootage?


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    @BenSrgel  Here are a couple of ideas.  Head over to ActionVFX.   They have some free effects you can download.  One of them is a burn texture. 


    But if you know Photoshop you can paint your own on top of your UV textures for the model.   Make two (or more versions of your model with varying degrees of damage and simply drop in the next version at the "hit" point in your timeline.  Then cover the transition with a layer above by keying on some explosion footage over the model change.

    A good place to start is within Effects, Quick3D.  Drag on Fire Explosion to begin at the hit point.  You might even drop on Sci-Fi Shockwave.  Fiddle with the controls for duration and speed until you get the timing you want and change colors to taste.  You might need to play with the Blend Mode.  A good starting point is Add, or Screen.   Also remember you can keep stacking explosion layers to add length and variance.

    If you decide you want pre-made explosions, you can find some online.  Another source is FootageCrate https://footagecrate.com/search.html#query=Aerial+Explosions&type=explosion-vfx

    If you don't want to purchase an explosion, just do a Google search for "free explosion footage" and you should be able to find something suitable.  I assume your spaceship is in space and not parked on the ground so look for "aerial" explosions.

    Also remember, the canned explosion and fire effects in HF are based on the built in Particle Simulator.  With that you can build your own. 

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    More free explosion stuff:  https://www.detonationfilms.com/free_stuff.htm



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