new style 3d hitfilm / fxhome logo

mark_e Posts: 190 Just Starting Out
Here you go,
Seeing as the FXhome folks changed the logo after I did my last version  :D  I did the new one as well.  This one is a lot better than my last one as I have a bit more of a clue what i'm doing now with 3d modelling than when I did the old one   :P  a lot less vertices and it scales nicely as you can see from the video below.  you can import each section as it's own animation group if you like and I also uv unwrapped everything, I didn't really need as it's all solid colours but thought I might as well just in case anyone wanted to play putting cracks etc. on it.

You can download it all here make sure you include the .mtl file in the same dir as the .obj and texture files as that tells it where the textures are.  It's all set up for hitfilm so it should just import with everything in place.