Hitfilm Idea Render farm and Collaborative editing

My first idea is the ability to make your own render farm with your own dedicated server

So say for example you have a powerful Linux machine you could then use that to render your hit film projects

My second idea (Not sure if it would be possible) is the possibility of Collaborative maybe even realtime. I know FXHome properly doesn't have the server capacity to host everyone's projects for collaborative editing. But if as I mentioned in the first idea you could use your own Linux server to host your own project for collaborative editing. 


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    Because of HitFilm being OpenGL, and works best with gaming graphics cards, this wouldnt really be Costa effective in any way. Specialized workstation boards with ECC RAM and VRAM graphics cards is what you would be aiming for. These have the benefit of better viewport performance and special drivers tested for 24/7 stability and high float point.

    If you want to render projects in a farm, then Adobe has tools to easily set this up. 


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    I'd really like there to be a way to do 'distributed rendering' using Hitfilm.

    Given that the FXHome license allows for three machines to have the software on, it would be nice to be able to use those three machines to cooperatively render your film - like the 'master machine' sending five second chunks to each machine (or frames, or whatever makes sense), then compile all those rendered parts together.

    Or something like that.