How to merge multiple clips into one compound clip similar to da vinci resolve

Hi all, I'm new to using hitflim, I'm trying to make speedpaint video with multiple clips from different sessions the raw video alone is about 2hrs or so, I can't seem to figure out how merge/combine all the clips to one, for example in da vinci resolve you can select all the clips in the timeline and create one compound clip which then render the video as one clip instead of rendering each individual clips. So my question is there some kind way to this in hitflim or workaround any suggestion would be helpful, thanks in advance


  • AxelWilkinson
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    edited December 2019

    Just export the timeline, it always defaults to exporting a single clip of your entire timeline. You don't need to merge them into one clip on the timeline, they are merged when you export.

    At the top right of the timeline, Export > Contents will create a single clip of the entire contents of your timeline.

  • Cusmix
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    Hi Axel is there a way I can  combine the clips because I intend to make a  timelapse video hence why I want to combine/merge the multiple clips  so I don't have to speed up each individual clip separately thanks.

  • triforcefx
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    Currently, the only way to do that in HitFilm would be to do as Axel suggest... edit your clips at the normal speed, export the edit, then bring your export into HitFilm again for the final speed up.

    HitFilm doesn’t have a “super clip” feature yet, feel free to add it to the wishlist thread. Though I will note that it may be a complex process to implement and may be a while before we see that functionality.

     I will say that if this sort of thing is vital to your usual editing, you may want to stick with Resolve- at least for editing. HitFilm is a bit... odd... when it comes to Speed settings. And if you need to speed up everything at once, HitFilm’s work around may not be ideal. It’s perfectly fine to use different tools for different things!

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