How do I make a living object/Annoying Orange like Lenarr Young effect?

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Hello. On Hitfilm Pro, is there a way to make an annoying orange/living object the way Lenarr Young does in his videos? Here’s a link example of the effect I’m talking about:


  • tddavistddavis Moderator, Website User Posts: 4,182 Moderator

     @TheFloosh Yes, there is.  I used it to my face on a pumpkin in last year's Hallowe'en video at the end.  It wasn't an extreme close up as there were several pumpkins outside an old decrepit CG house but it worked ok.  I used an orange makeup (that I found out after needs baby oil to remove and I was fresh out :) ) to get my face a nice orange and used a tripod to hold steady.  If I could get myself not to be too animated as I talked it would have been easier.  Then I just keyed out the green screen and layered it over the pumpkin and  put a mask around my face and feathered it.  It starts about 17 secs in this video:

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    Hitfilm Academy did a tutorial a while back....

    You could use double-point or Mocha tracking to get it onto the object.

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