Replicating some sequence of the opening of "Frontier"

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Hi, I'm trying to replicate the 3D sequences with the ship of the opening of Frontier, my first attempt is the view from above from 00:16 to 00:18

My comp is this:

(sorry for the hitfilm watermark, I have version 11 but wanted to try out the latest version, I'm going to buy it as soon as I go back home)

Now here comes the question, is there a way to make the water more like the one in the opening, I've used two fractal noise layers, one with fluid texture and another one with swirl to recreate the top of the waves.
I would also like to have the "sea survace to interact with lights" (like the side of the waves which point at the "sun" is illuminated)


  • tddavistddavis Moderator, Website User Posts: 4,203 Moderator

    @whakan From what we can see , the clouds and the water look pretty spot on.   The demo watermark unfortunately hides the wake and ship so I can't make any observations there.  However, if that effect is not doable in Hitfilm, it most certainly can be done in Blender with tutorials on making an Interactive Ocean sim, but I'm sure some of the gurus will know how to do it here in Hitfilm as well.

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    @tddavis I'm so hurt you've forgotten my good old Caustics tutorial! Then again, that was so long ago, Kirstie had hair!

    @whakan you're on the right track with the fractal noises to create the water. A bit of Caustics should get you the play with the scene lights you want. 

    @FilmSensei came up with a fast way to get the environment map reflections set up.

    Otherwise, if you learn Caustics you've also learned Parallax and Surface Studio! All those effects use grayscale maps to generate a depth map. Parallax is simpler than Caustics - just height maps with no reflection/refraction. Surface Studio basically stacks four Caustics together allowing a single layer to have four "slices" of material that can interact. 

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