How to cast for short film

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So, here's the deal...

I'm a teenager filmmaker and I'm trying to cast for my film. I go to a small private school so I don't have many options there, and I've already casted from my school a bit. But I need to find other ways to find teens who are interested in acting and would want to work on a film (for their portfolio or experience or whatever). I've reached out to a few local acting groups but no real luck Any ideas?


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    Have you tried going to any number of these groups to present your screenplay or script, to see if anyone wants to be a part of it? If you are able to present a solid plan together with a solid timeframe/schedule, then interest should automatically come from it. Approach people with kindness, smile and best of luck to you! :)

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    @CNK I guess I’m nervous about giving my script to a lot of people I don’t know. I don’t have any copyright or anything? I don’t know the laws in California.

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    @HeySiri The poor man's copyright back in the day when I wrote short stories and my one novel was to mail a copy to yourself and leave it unopened.  The theory was If it ever was appropriated you could hand the judge in court the unopened postmarked envelope and it would be valid proof.  These days after a certain element of Hollywood got all the copyright laws ramped up, in their favor, of course, I have no clue if that holds or really ever did.

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    Copyright accrues to a work when you create it, publish it (distribute it) and have appended the copyright symbol to it.  Technically that is all you have to do.  However, that basic protection is very weak..... and to really protect it you need to register the copyright.  

    See here:




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    Registering a copyright doesn't cost much, IIRC -- I think it's even easy and affordable to register it with the Writers' Guild of America (WGA). 

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    As much as I agree with protecting your work, I think registering copyright takes away from the fun here and also shouldn't be an obstacle just to be brave enough to present your script to any potential cast.


    If you are feeling a bit insecure, NORMAL, it's your first time yes? Gotta start somewhere! :D Then what about bringing family or relative to come with you, or wait outside or however you see fit. Remember that you are not an employer, it's all for fun for everyone involved, to better their skills in filmmaking and acting.

    As your scripts become more fleshed out and more professional, that's when you should even consider going out of your way to protect your work. In the rare as getting hit directly by an asteroid chance, that someone STEALS your script, then be humble about it, it's really not a big deal. Your scripts do not challenge a seasoned filmmakers scripts so I see no reason to worry.

    Regardless of which route you take, remember this: learning filmmaking should be fun, so have fun with it! 


    We're all eager to see what you are able to produce, should you choose to share it in the future. :)

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     @HeySiri At this point in your life....... if JJ Abrams, George Lucas, or XXXXXXX stole a script that you wrote and then produced it.......... and it was a hit........ rather than being a disaster...... it would be your key to future screenwriting success.  You could point to the event..... and people would be eager to read your NEXT scripts and possibly pick up your next film.  Pop a C symbol on there and get it out to people.

    Speaking as a long term pro artist........... yeah... it is really hard to put your work out there in front of the public.  REALLY hard.  But you just have to 'bite the bullet' and do it.  And importantly, the feedback you get will improve your work.




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    @JBaymore @CNK @WhiteCranePhoto @tdsavis so where do I put the copyright symbol? Just put it after the title in my script? Or what

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    See my link above and do a google search on the subject.... lots of info out there.  I've never done a script copyright so I don't know the conventions, but I have done a lot of copyrighted material for other stuff.  Typically those have the copyright notice somewhere under the title area or at the end.

    © you get by holding down the alt key and typing 0169 on a Win machine.




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