I tried to import an AVI file into Hitfilm 4 Express and it didn't work.

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Hello  everyone,,

On the website, it says that AVI is supported, but when I tried to import it, it says 'File Error,' and under Media Properties, it says 'INVALID MEDIA' and there's a notice saying, 'The media could not be imported.'  AVI is on the list of supported file formats for Hitfilm 4 Express, so why isn't it working for me?????


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    AVI is not a video format. AVI is a generic file container and can contain very many different video codec/formats. Yes, Video for Windows codecs are supported in Hitfilm but all but uncompressed will require you to have the proper Video for Windows codec installed for your specific media. There are many custom codecs that will not work anywhere unless/until the custom codec is installed.

    My guess you are using some old screen capture software. Many of those apps used custom video codecs.

    A full text report from the free MediaInfo utility program should provide some details here.