[ANSWERED] Baffled by bottom cut off during camera fly-through

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Hi everyone.

This has got to be an easy answer for experience 3D compositors.

I am creating an animation for a colleague. I did a test pan draft and viewed it, then spent an hour trying to figure out why and how I screwed up where a certain portion ends up getting cut off. It appears to intersect a plane, and is only briefly as my Y and Z positions get large.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/orz3ocy66ask35k/Outer Dust Ring FUN DRAFT 1.mp4?dl=0

Roughly 2/3 the way in you can see the camera pull out and somehow I've introduced a lower boundary.

Any pointers?

In fact, if someone would be respectful to the ownership of the project, I could post the project and an experienced person might spot something I can't figure out.

I will also note that I should have scale the project about 5 times larger as a smaller object gets blocky when zoomed in.

It is a 4K project rendered in 1080.




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     Looks like the camera is showing the edge of the plane/composite shot the effects are on.

    Hitfilm won't show any effect/particles of anything that goes past the borders of the plane it's on. Usually annoying, but it can be worked around. 

    Try changing the dimensions of the plane/shot the effect is on. (Right click on it -> Properties, change the width/height boxes).  Add 1000-ish pixels to the height and see if it works then.

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     Thank you for the feedback. It's great you would reply.
    This group is actually quite special. Thanks to all of you who participate in general.

    I actually constructed those rings using Missile Smoke. So they aren't on a layer.
    Is that a mistake in my implementation?

    Changing the composite size just makes everything around it bigger and the black mask is there.

    When I select planes, I see no intersection across that line. Somehow I've done something tricky to myself likely by accident.

    I checked the only 2 masks that I have, which are on planes and used to create the reflective light effect to the top of the accretion system.

    I will keep looking. Especially since what I checked doesn't mean I have checked correctly.

    Thanks again!!!!

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    Think I found it!

    Missile smoke has a special property called the "Clip window". It's in between "Material" and "General",

    Increase the scale of that to 150% or so and see if that helps things. You may also want to keyframe the rotation slightly so it follows the camera, but that might not be necessary.

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    There ya go. You're the magic man!

    Nice job and thanks for the assistance. I need a bit more than that but it's exactly what addressed the issue.

    And now I've learned more about that effect.


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