Looking for Applicants: Kurgo Products (Dog Products) 'Go Together' Video Contest

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We at Kurgo would like you to tell us all about your Kurgo Adventure for a chance to win up to $3,500 in prizes, plus national distribution of your video with credits!  We are a dog products company based out of Salisbury, MA who focus on helping owners get out and enjoy the world with their dogs.  We believe that the human-canine bond makes life not only more meaningful, but more valuable as well.  Pet owners know that going together with your dog is just more fun, whether travelling the open road, hiking a nearby mountain or even just running errands around town.
We at Kurgo are looking for a 30-90 second video that shows people out enjoying themselves with their pets and their favorite Kurgo products.  Winners will be determined based on fan voting, as well as an qualified judge panel; final decision power will rest in the capable hands of the judges.  The deadline for video submissions is June 30, 2014.
For full rules and access to branding assets, please visit us at: http://www.kurgostore.com/dog-video-contest/
Please submit videos on the Kurgo Products Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/KurgoProducts/app_403834839671843
Thank you and best of luck!  We can’t wait to see what awesome material you create together with your dogs!


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    Do two cats make a dog? I forget what the canine conversion is. ;) 
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    Serious inquiries only need apply.  Thanks!
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    From your rules page:
    Video Requirements
    • Videos must include dogs and the use of Kurgo products
    • To obtain product for use in the video, you should email [email protected]. Up to $100 in product will be provided in exchange for a valid credit card number. If you do not submit a video to the contest, your credit card will be charged for the cost of the product plus taxes and shipping.
    So, you have to email your credit card info to enter the contest?
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    Thank you for your response, Null Unit.  You are correct; if you are interested in participating in the contest but do not currently own any of our products, we have set up a product request line via [email protected] in order to allow access to up to $100 worth of product in exchange for valid credit card information (for verification purposes only).
    We chose to offer this opportunity in order to provide as much flexibility as possible for entrants.  If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reply.
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     @DanielGWood user Wilsonjon, above. Spam account to kill with fire. 

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