Looking For Lens Flare/Animation Help

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Hey all,
I'm putting together a demo reel for a site we're close to 'officially' launching for my company, Atomic Productions, and I'm looking to end off my demo reel with some sort of an animated lens flare transition. Wondering if anyone here would be open to helping me with that- or at least nudging me in the right direction as, admittedly, VFX simply are not my thing.
Love them. Love Hitfilm. Love FXhome. But I simply don't have the talents for it to be at the level of polish I'd like.
What I'm looking for right now is some sort of distortion/filmic lens flare elements illuminating the center of the screen and the white text of my 'Atomic' logo naturally/artistically appearing in some way out of that- but I can't quite place how to do that or make it look good. Any ideas or creative people with a bit of time on their hands interested in helping me out?
For reference, visually I'm looking for something similar-ish to this: