Building Fire VFX

Here's a video I made a few weeks ago that I decided to post. I made it in Hitfilm Express using various free assets. Let me know what you think!

- Phineas Films


  • DafterThings
    DafterThings Posts: 989 Enthusiast

    Looks good to me. 

    Two things :
    They add to the overall short but the embers close to the camera don't seem as if they belong there?
    Would the fire produce some glow on the surrounding area? TBH : I am pretty bad at doing this so I don't know if it is relevant in this situation.

  • The embers don't really make sense coming from the street but they look cool so that's why I added them lol

    Maybe there's a fire on the ground floor ¯\_()_/¯

    I could probably add some glow on the walls that the fire is coming from, thanks for the suggestion!