Recreating Stranger Things Logo based on image from your HitFilm Pro Features page

Is it possible to recreate the Stranger Things logo like how the logo was created in this image on your HitFilm Pro features page:

Using HitFilm Express 13 using the following Plugins

  • Color: Starter Pack
  • Edit: Starter Pack
  • VFX: Starter Kit Pack
  • VFX: Damage Pack
  • VFX: Lighting Pack
  • VFX: Lighting Pack 2
  • VFX: Retro Pack 2
  • VFX: Neon Lights Pack


  • DafterThings
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    I created my 'Dafter Things' logo and title pages using @FilmSensei tutorial which uses Hitfilm Express...

  • SolidSnake2003
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    Thanks, this does help.  Will any of my other plugins help me create the final look?

  • DafterThings
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    If one of those add ons give you the Neon Path effect then you could try working through this...

    <edit> Just checked and I notice Neon Path is part of the Neon Lights add-on that you have.

  • Triem23
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    • Color: Starter Pack - get. 16-bit linear color looks so much better than 8-bit. 
    • Edit: Starter Pack - this is utility stuff that can be set up manually, but, if you do a lot of split screen type stuff it's all time savers. 
    • VFX: Starter Kit Pack - 3D Extrusion is invaluable. Shatter is sweet, too. 
    • VFX: Damage Pack - Hitfilm's TV Damage effect is among the best I've ever used. 
    • VFX: Lighting Pack 1 & 2 - all nice effects. If I were to pick one, I'd pick Lighting 1. Flicker, in particular is a specific effect, but it's so much better than manually keyframing a Brightness/Contrast filter! 
    • VFX: Retro Pack 2 - Hitfilm's Lens Dirt effect is quite nice and can use a REAL Dirt Map to drive the effect which looks much nicer than a blend mode. 
    • VFX: Neon Lights Pack - Neon Path is another invaluable effect. Lightsword Ultra is nice, but can be built with regular Lightsword and Displacement Maps. 

    Neon Path is most useful for the Stanger Things titles. Light Rays (Lightning 2) would help as well. 


  • SolidSnake2003
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    The biggest part I'm having trouble recreating is the lighter and darker aspects of the text.  I know that Fractal Noise has been recommended. But I'm not sure what kind of settings to use. Plus the glowing parts, I follow the instructions from FilmSensei's tutorial, but I'm not sure how to get it right.  Sorry if I'm asking abunch of newbie questions.  I'm still relatively new to using the compositor in Hitfilm.

    Edit @triem23 - Thanks for the tips, :)