Scratching my head over Hitfilm's Shortcut List

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Call me stupid, but I'm having a hardtime figuring out or indeed ASIGNING keys to the move/hand/text/mask/pen tools on the Viewer Panel. It just doesn't do anything. And this has been prevailing in all versions.

When I press V, T or H, the only thing that gets activated are these assigned buttons but on the Editor panel or sometimes the comp panel.

When I went into the shortcut list to see if I'm missing something, it seems that V/T and H are listed by default on Hitfilm to be used in the Editor Panel + Comp + Panel AND Viewer Panel all at the same time.

So I guess the question is, how do I get Hitfilm to understand which panel I want to use when I press these shortcuts?


  • TheBenNorris
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    @Hictor if you're in the viewer panel, it will use the viewer shortcuts, if you're in the editor, it will use the editor shortcuts. It should work the same way as if you're in the editor and you copy paste, it will copy paste whatever is selected in the editor, not whatever is selected in the media panel.

    It is worth noting that there are countless known issues with shortcuts that we are looking into on our end, and mostly seem to arise when the defaults are changed. This is something of a very high priority to us, and we hope to devote a lot of attention to in the near future.

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    Hi @TheBenNorris

    Originally, I surmised as much and I can honestly tell over the years that no matter how much I try to do this, it doesn't work.

    One thing I originally communicated to the support team via the appropriate channel was that when Hitfilm doesn't respond when I press L, J or K, or thinks that I'm trying to designate an In & Out point when I just want to type o and i, I just flip between the Editor & Composite tab and it gets fixed.

    Unfortunately, this is the only work around that I know of for getting very specific shortcuts to work.

    Otherwise, I'm yet to see the Viewer Panel shortcuts work once. 


    If may make a suggestion, since the right click button works as the Hand Tool on the editor. The wheel button works as a move tool, why not simply embrace a combination between Mouse & Keyboard?

    On principle, it's not THE solution for the actual problem, but it's certainly an option that we can give the user.