Applying texture on audio spectrum / transforming the image to match spectrum

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I've got a rectangular-shaped logo (as an image) which is visible on the picture (on the right). As you can see, it's a bit shattered and has more rough shape.


Basically I'd like to have one side of the logo to be the spectrum, so it looks like the whole logo reacts to music being played.

I'd also like to "lock" the start and end points of the spectrum so they stick in the certain points (on both ends of the rectangle side) so the logo isn't torn .

As far as I understand, I have several ways to go:

  • applying the texture / effect on the spectrum so it looks more consistent (I still don't know if it's possible to connect spectrum with a logo corner)
  • transform the image in certain points to reflect the spectrum's position (not sure if this is supported in HitFilm)

I'd be grateful for any advice :)