Render a composite shot without the background

I made a transition and I want to export it, but without the alpha.

can anyone help?


  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,079 Ambassador

    Export as Cineform on PC or ProRes on Mac.

    Using Hitfilm Express 13 on PC as your guide, this is simple. Just use the "Go Pro Cineform with Alpha" export Preset. I assume Express on a Mac has a preset for Pro Res with Alpha.

    (You could also use the "PNG sequence with Alpha" preset, but that will render a folder full of still images that will need to be imported as an image sequence).

    That's it!

    For reference, you CANNOT render to a transparent background with mp4. Mp4 doesn't support alpha channels. You'll have to use Cineform/ProRes or PNG image sequence.

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