"Upgrade Pricing"? (Sorry to annoy if this is the wrong place)

Strings123 Posts: 34 Just Starting Out

I've been using Pro 11 since it was first released.

From my understanding, the online price is the price....no upgrade pricing model?

It also looks like Black Friday is the day to wait for. 90% off....right ;-)

One response is all that's needed.


  • GrayMotion
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    "90% off....right"


    Example: I have 135 days left on my current subscription (HF 14 upgraded from HF 11, 12 and 13). If I was to renew right now today the price would be 279.20 (this is my renew price because I didn't go more than 365 days since I renewed last time-  I renewed 4 Apr 2019 @ 149.00). If I wait until the sale it should be something like 168.00 for another 12 months. So I would have something close to 500 days before I would have to renew.

  • Strings123
    Strings123 Posts: 34 Just Starting Out

    Thanks, GrayMotion. Paying let's me jump up to Version 14.

  • GarethOwen
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    I think even though when there is sales, as the program gets bigger and better they would not undercut the program so much as any business model do that. You may pay more and you get more sort of thing

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