Fixing slightly overexposed footage and Day for Night

HeySiri Posts: 382 Just Starting Out*

I'm trying to turn a shot from day to night, and the Day for Night effect doesn't look super great with this shot so I'm freestyling this.

So I start with this:

It's slightly overexposed but most of the data is still there. It's a fairly warm image though. So I adjusted the white balance slightly and used the Hue, Sat, & Light effect to do some desaturation.

Now it looks a bit better. Colder. Ready to be darkened? Maybe, but it's still a bit overexposed. So I use the Exposure effect and try to fix things a bit.

Now it looks a bit better. But when I try darkening it, the face is still a bit too bright and stands out. I'm having trouble making this look like it's at night.