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Hey all, ill make this quick, i use shadowplay to record some pretty basic footage and i recently set it to record multi track audio and when i play the video in the default windows player i can select the audio track...

and when i put the clip in hitfilm it just plays the system audio track, i was wondering whether hitfilm supports multi track audio and if so how to work with it, thanks in advance and i hope you can understand i dont do much writing / forum use.

So im really looking for how to work with the audio but if it isnt possible in HF yet then i guess id like someone to suggest any workarounds.


  • Triem23
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    Hitfilm cannot (yet?) play back multiple  audio tracks. 

    Two workarounds - first would be to use an external audio editor (Audacity is free) to split out the second audio track as a wav file to import into Hitfilm. Second, Hitfilm can SEE both tracks, but only play one. In Hitfilm right click and Duplicate the media. On one copy, right click and choose Properties. From there you can select which audio track is "seen" rename the video to reflect the correct audio track then add to timeline.

    Workaround 2 tip. I'm not on my comp to check, but holding down either Shift, CTRL or ALT while dragging media to the Editor Timeline will drop only the Audio OR Video to the selected track. 

    Either way you end up with one video track and two audio tracks. 

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