How to reduce echo in audio?

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A clip of mine picked up some slight echo; it's just enough to make the audio a bit odd. Is there any way to remove a bit of echo from an audio file?


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    Check out audacity and search Google for fixing echo with audacity. That's all I got.

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    For free, right now, just use audacity. It will take a while to learn if you've never done audio/video editing before.

    The thing is I've always just removed background noise, and not echo - but for background noise here you go

    .The next step up is iZotope Elements RX7. It is a little bit better (maybe), but I'd wait until it's on sale - I got it for 19.99$ (usually I think it's 129$).

    Also Audacity is a destructive editor, so you'll be saving a lot of copies of track when you try out new stuff. In other words you'll always have control-z but it's working on the actual file, while RX7 is non-desctructive and your original files are in tact (sorta, but you'll have to learn all about that).

    It's not that big of a deal really between one or the other. I got RX7 for 20$ just to try and see if it's any better, because some of my sound sucked (airplanes, cars, etc.)

    Btw, I found RX7 Elements sale from this very forum, and people who are much more experienced than myself were writing things like "Holy **** RX7 Elements for 20$? I'm buying it right now!".

    Hope this helped.

    p.s. The RX7 pro is link 1,100$ and it seems like those who get paid to do sound love it and it's "industry standard".

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    The technical word for echo seems to be reverb, so  try using that instead of echo when you search for a solution. You may find something that works better for you than anything we advice here. 

    Here is a tutorial I found.

    If you have the money there are some OK solutions out there (none of them perfect, since it seems getting rid of reverb is really hard).

    Here is one that seems quite decent and can be had for quite cheap.

    If you do not mind sharing the file, I own a version of RX that has the De-reverb module and would be happy to give it a quick pass. Someone better than me demonstrates its use in this video. 

    Finally totally go for RX elements if you can afford it. In fact, any Izotope product I have used I found to be at least OK.  There's a bargain going on right now.