Vagabond dailies

Vagabonding101 Posts: 50 Just Starting Out

I've decided to do daily projects on an almost daily basis, 3-4 days a week likely. This is the thread where I will be uploading all these projects!!!

Today's project I made a winter scene outside of a window. I had to match move the base video. Then it was just some masking, simple 3d scene setup, and a few other dirty tricks to get the final shot. I'm quite proud of this shot, I think it turned out pretty well. I'd say in total 1.5 hours were put into this. As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

After rendering it out I realized that there's a lot of slipping going on with some 2D pine needle assets on the tree. But it is currently 11:56 And I don't have time to fix it. I'll likely go in tomorrow to fix that up. But other than that I think everything's looking pretty good!