How to increase volume so the audio spikes are viewable?

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I have an hour long audio file that I need to check for points where it may have been paused a few times in the middle of the recording and decided to check by look at the audio spikes while listening to see if there are any cuts/pauses. Problem is, even after enhancing the volume with the straight bar on top of it and zooming in to the max onto it, the audio lines are still too small to see due to the recording not being loud enough originally. Is there a way to make more viewable? Thank you


  • Triem23
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    If the audio file is a pure audio file (not audio in a video), you're better off boosting the audio volume in another audio editor before import. Audacity is free and Audacity can "Normalize" and "Compress" your audio to a higher level.

    Inside Hitfilm itself go up to the "File" Menu and select "Options." In the Options: General menu check the following:

    Make certain the checkbox for "Use Logarithmic Waveform Scaling" is checked.

    In the drop-down menu for Audio Waveform display, change to "Channel Composite."

    These will increase the size of the waveform. Otherwise, you can change in the Options: Display menu the Audio Track Size for the Editor Timeline (set to Large or Extra Large).

    Hope this helps.