I am having problems while Exporting

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  • I'm having problem while exporting video only 14.0 seconds I tried everything but the exporting stuck only on starting .I have on a PC spec//:4gb ram 500gb hardrive with 1gb NVIDIA graphics card.answer me ASAP!!! 

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    @IRSHADKHAN000 This is a user forum where we try to help if we can in a timely fashion,but official support also monitors the threads and comments when they can.  Most of the tech knowledgeable users will need the specific Make and model of your CPU and, you mention an Nvidia GPU with 1 GB (which is bare minimum and half that's needed for 4K footage btw ) but the model would be of help here as well.  The amount of free space on yoour hard drive may be useful as well.  Without that info I don't think anyone will be able to help diagnose, but if I were to guess I suspect you might be under spec on the CPU and/or GPU to use Hitfilm...but that's only a layman guess.

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    @IRSHADKHAN000 I have split this from the original post.

    When you say it is stuck on starting, will it not progress or are you getting an error message?

    Please, can you supply us with the CPU and GPU models and check the GPU driver is up to date?


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