Getting rid of the splash screen

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Is there a way to get of the splash screen in Hitfilm pro?  It would be nice to just to start doing what ever.  I'm not a fan of the menu asking do you want to composite or edit.. and all those details. Have those options in a button where the media bin is like in After effects 


  • Triem23
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    There isn't, but you can try what I've done for years: I have some "starting template" projects I've made for varied purposes (as an example I have a "Model Setup" template that has a couple of random background plates and a four point light rig set up).

    When opening Hitfilm I'll often open by double clicking a template file or an active project. Even then the Start screen comes up on load, but, as soon as the project opens, bam, right to the timeline. 

  • Andersen01498
    Andersen01498 Posts: 1,010 Enthusiast

    @triem23 might have to go add this to the wishlist then ?

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