No video when I import a .mov file

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im trying to import my mov files even with having quicktime installed, and hitfilm says it's a supported file type, the files only have audio and no video. any suggestions?


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    Mov is a CONTAINER. The actual compression scheme for video is called a CODEC.

    A container can hold video compressed in different codecs. Just saying MOV file tells us nothing.

    You'll need to download the free program MediaInfo to inspect your files. Here's a tutorial on MediaInfo. 

    Now, the chances are your video was shot on a phone, tablet, DSLR or Mirrorless camera in the "h.265" codec. Hitfilm doesn't read h.265. You'll have to transcode to h.264.

    This video discusses containers, codecs, MediaInfo, optimal h.264 settings and several ways to transcode.

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