YouTube question

DataDesign Posts: 646 Enthusiast

Today I went to my YouTube page  and it is all different. What I mean it this: Before today, the YouTube page would display my subscriptions as a row of thumbnails with the name of the subscription above the far left thumbnail. Then the next row would have the name of the next subscription and a row of thumbnails and so on.

Now there are RANDOM thumb nails on each row and many are not from any subscriptions that I ever saw (or wanted to see) before. There is now no Subscription Name on the left or anything at all describing what is displayed. I have gone to "My Account" and looked for some setting that could possibly cause this, but have been unsuccessful.

Has YouTube changed something about the way they display your Home Page? I am not talking about a Channel page because I don't have a channel. I am just trying to get my Subscription page sorted out.