Levi's Tag in Video


I'm working on a video for upload to YouTube, and there is a scene where you can see the Levi's tag on the guy's jeans. Is that going to be a trademark infringement? I'm not in studio now, but I don't believe you can read the Levi's name, but you can see the distinct brown tag on the waist.



  • DataDesign
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    If you think it is going to be a problem, you can use the Witness Protection effect in Express

  • Stargazer54
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    Use the Clone Stamp tool.  Or track it, mask it and put a little blur on it.

  •  Awesome. Thank you both. So far, I'm hearing back that it's not going to be an issue so long as I don't focus on the label, but these are great tools to be aware of in case I get a definitive that I need to obfuscate the tag.

  • triforcefx
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    You typically don’t need to get rid of logos unless the client tells you to, or it presents a conflict of interest (such as Levi’s jeans in a Wrangler jeans commercial).

    If it’s your own thing, it only matters if you make money from product placement, which you probably don’t.

     As long as it doesn’t look like you’re endorsing it, or like they are endorsing you, there’s no real issue.


    Also, a lot of jeans have a similar tag, not just Levi’s from what I’ve seen.