Fortress - A finnish action / drama short

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Hello there! We recently finished this short narrative piece which we shot in November 2013. We tried to create this gritty, down-to-earth looking film with a little bit comic book style realism thrown in. The film was originally going to have a runtime of 5 minutes, but it soon expanded from that. The film is intended as a first part of a short film series. If it gets enough positive feedback and recognition, we're going to continue with the next part later this year. Enjoy and give us some constructive feedback!
The film has english subtitles in the captions, remember to turn them on, if they aren't already!


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    You have to wonder about a leader's motives who would dress his soldiers in bright white and yet cover himself in camo.
    Nicely done, SirRandom. I like the variety of camera held my attention. The leg stitching grossed me out so it must have looked real enough. ;) 
    I watched a second time without the English subtitles so I could just look at the production.
    The pacing is good throughout but I had a hard time understanding what exactly happened to the guy left behind-from 6:24-6:27. It looks like one Clan member is throwing something (I thought it was an axe at first) at the same time another is shooting the guy in the tent. The camera pans right to left quickly which gives the impression something was thrown and my eye was drawn to the motion- away from the guy firing his gun. Muzzle flare would have helped in that scene. Then we hear gunshots from inside the tent and the guy screams. Back outside the tent we see the Clan member who I thought had thrown an axe but he's actually holding a gun. I had to pause a couple times to see what was going on. I think the shot with the camera pan right to left, was a little too short- and in need of muzzle flashes from whoever is firing their weapon.
    In terms of a "...gritty, down-to-earth looking film with a little bit comic book style realism thrown in.".... Yup- you nailed it.
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