Closer - Short Film By Nathandajet

Hi everybody!
I just recently finished a project here in the country of Nicaragua.
Wanted to share and see what type of feedback I can get. 
All is accepted. Thanks so much! 
Canon 7D
Tokina 17-50mm
Pentax takumar 50mm
::The daughter of a former cult leader is kidnapped. 
With the fathers disappearance from her youth, her husband has to rescue her with the help of a mysterious man ::


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  • StormyKnight
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    Howdy, Nathandajet.
    There's some really great editing and effects in this video. The multiple arms around the girl looked fantastic and the eyes around her face looked cool. The gore looked pretty convincing- glad I wasn't eating at the time I watched this. ;) Some of the camera angles were nicely done, giving an almost disorienting feeling in a couple of scenes.
     However, this feels more like a trailer or demo than the complete story. Hope that's the case as it was kind of difficult to follow. For example, not sure how the birthday cake/party fits in- flashback for the girl? I'm presumming that was her father near the end? Not sure who the husband was either- possibly the bloody guy on the motor cycle? Mysterious man- the one wrapped up in bandages? Going out on a limb- was he the girl's father?
    Keep up the interesting work! Hope you bring more to the forums!