Momentum - An Airsoft Edit

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Hello, I was working on an edit that I called Momentum and it's about me playing airsoft in the UK and the US and I used Hitfilm Pro for the entire project and felt like I would share it with you guys. I'm at college now and I have to learn Adobe products but I will still use FXHome's Hitfilm for anything I do for myself. Here is the link to the video


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    Looks pretty good. I've thought of doing a similar airsoft video but I'm not sure what equipment is best to protect my gopro. Any suggestions? I have a hero 4 GP

  • Ieuanam
    Ieuanam Posts: 80 Just Starting Out*

    @AM_OVIDE ,  I use a hero 5 so I don't have the big super case thing which is quite handy to be honest and will protect your gopro from the environment too however I would suggest making holes for the audio ports. However if you're me, I have cut out a small piece of acrylic glass which I made too large but still works as you wrap duct tape around side of the lens and the sides of the glass. It does not matter if you go over the top by a little as the camera wont see the duct tape anyway. The best way is if I show you is if you see my youtube banner which I cant figure out how to upload on here

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    @leuanam A well put together fun video.  I'm far too old to engage the sport but it makes me want to play :)  FYI to post pictures of your gear in the forum you have to upload them to someplace like IMGUR and post a link to it here.  Or you can use any cloud storage site you have like dropbox etc.  Some guys have a way to post the link so a preview image shows up like Youtube does with their links, but I have never mastered or figured that out.  I just post the text link.

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    @tddavis , You won't be too old to engage in the sport haha, try it one day if you'd like and for next time if I needed to post a picture then I would, sorry for being super late but had to work on the next project within hitfilm which is actually part of my media course. Thank you!