Action Pro and Catalina Incompatibility

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I myself am eagerly awaiting an update for Action Pro. A need has arisen to reintroduce the software for upcoming projects but... it appears that after updating to Catalina it no longer works.

 You are depriving us of a great motion building application. Please please please...throw out an update on this.

How about FXHome??


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    @GrayMotion I will quote @KirstieT and the comment on another post in this part of the forum:

    "Earlier this year, a tragic circumstance meant that our development team has had to shuffle around in order to deliver the necessary resource to our largest products, HitFilm Pro and Imerge Pro. Unfortunately Action Pro is the smallest of our product range, with the smallest development team and so is at most risk of delay. 

    You are of course, not obliged to purchase a new version of Action Pro until a new update is released. As it is not a subscription, you won't be charged any further if you decide to end your perpetual license after the 12 months. 

    We are very sorry to not be releasing updates on this software at the moment, and we are working hard internally to dedicate more resource to Action Pro and deliver more updates in the future. An update is planned to be coming out over the next few months and everyone that owns Action Pro will get that update whether they're out of their renewal period or not. @IAmJoshuaDavies or myself will be posting in this forum as soon as we have any more information about development. "

    Due to this reasoning we are currently unable to provide any specific details on upcoming releases right now, but we will be keeping the forum up to date as soon as information becomes available. Obviously since Catalina is such a new OS and requires specific protocols for releasing on it (more so than previous Mac OS's) it will require a bit of work which we simply cannot do currently, hope this answers your questions.

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